Visual Vacation: Sunny Santorini

Summer in Austin is fun and all.. but colorful Santorini, Greece has us daydreaming about escaping that every day routine.

VACAY-READY amalficoast-satorini




visual vacation: endless summer

Well, y’all, it’s Friday afternoon and we’re day dreaming about summer vacations of years bygone. The unfortunate truth of adulthood (one of them, at least) is the disappearance of summer vacation. Thanks to our awesome grown-up jobs that support our awesome grown-up lifestyles, we’re resigned to cramming all the joy and sunshine of summer vacation into a series of two-day escapes.  Unless, of course, you’re a U.S. Senator, in which case, you’re just about to take off for a month long summer vacay (regardless of our political leanings, I think we can all agree that’s one– and only?– aspect of their job that has us totally jealous).

Let us now take a break from our A/C blasted offices to vicariously soak up some sun and imagine ourselves enveloped in an endless summer…

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