Midweek Mixtape: Time Flies When You’re Groovin’

Need a good energy boost to help you sail through the week? Our girl Olignne over at the Domain gave us the top 10 songs she’s been loving, and we’ve had it on repeat all day. So relax and bump the playlist – it’ll be the weekend before you know it! “Always Forever” – Cults

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Midweek Mixtape: What We Can’t Stop Listening to RIGHT NOW

This fall has been great for music– from Fleetwood Mac’s reunion tour to shakin’ it off to Nicki and Drake and and and. There have been non stop mega hits to keep our ears happy all autumn long and help us brave our daily commutes. Here are ten songs that we srsly can’t stop/won’t stop with.

**y’all. as always, none of these songs are censored, so be aware.

Taylor Swift- Shake It Off. Basically our new anthem.

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midweek mixtape: chill out


Ok– y’all may have noticed: the dog days of summer are OFFICIALLY here. In Austin, we’ve been baking through a five day streak of 100+ degree weather that has us breaking into a sweat just looking at all the new coats and sweaters. As tempting as all the just released fall collections are, the cooler weather they require is still just a daydream, which brings us to the theme for today’s playlist:

CHILL OUT: a collection of songs you can just chill to.

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Midweek Mixtape

This week is positively dragging by, ladies. Why, you ask? Because I am #blessed– I have tickets to see Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “On the Run” Tour in Houston (Bey’s hometown) this Friday! Yes, I am dying. Yes, this will be life changing. Yes, I have planned my outfit.

More importantly, this tour marks Bey serving some back-to-back mega tour realness to us. She just barely wrapped her “Mrs. Carter” world tour– not to mention released a full length not-just-album-but-VISUAL-EXPERIENCE, performed at the Super Bowl and the presidential inauguration, all while raising a toddler. Girl has been bus-ay! She’s also graced the cover of Vogue’s 2013 Power issue and Time Magazine’s Most Influential People 2014 issue. Just this month, she ascended to the number one spot on Forbes Celebrity 100 list. Step aside, Oprah!

So this week’s Midweek Mixtape is an ode to Beyoncé, Bey+Jay, and girl power. It’s sure to get you pumped up enough to make it to the weekend and get you in touch with your inner boss.

’03 Bonnie and Clyde– Jay Z feat. Beyoncé

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