Brunching at CRÚ Wine Bar: The Food + The Fashion


Austin foodies who love to sleep in on Sundays and indulge in delicious (and often beautiful) brunches: allow us to tempt you with a trip across the street from our downtown store and into a cozy and romantic yet hip and laid-back space where wine is displayed from floor to ceiling and the food is as much a treat for the eyes as it is the palate.

We’re talking about CRÚ Wine Bar, the first wine bar in Texas to offer 30 wines by the glass, with more than 300 bottles from all over the world at every price point. CRÚ pairs its wine with “Napa style” dishes, meaning fresh and utterly delectable, and they’ve put together a new brunch menu that’ll make your mouth water.

So our downtown Luxe girls Keleigh and Mina put together their favorite brunch looks and went across the street to check out 3 of these amazing dishes!

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Exploring Peru: How to Travel Authentically on a Budget

The desire to see the world…we all have it, but there always seems to be a hundred overwhelming reasons not to: money, time, traveling solo, lack of experience, fear. Our girl Shantel just returned from an extended stay in South America where she experienced the vibrant, rich culture of Peru. Not only were we surprised to find out that she spent a portion of her trip traversing the country alone, but her insight into how a first-time traveler can experience the world authentically without going broke truly inspired us. Continue reading

fashion plate: the met 2015

The Met is always one of the fashion world’s favorite events– basically like a super swanky, black-tie costume party where inventiveness reigns supreme. We’re in. The theme this year was “China: Through the Looking Glass,” which was broadly interpreted (if you really think about it– that makes total sense! China is an ENORMOUS and diverse country home to a whopping ~1.4 billion people.) Anyway, let’s take a peek at some standout looks from the night…

Best Reds

Red was sure to be a favorite for the night, considering the them. Of course, it’s the chosen color of the Communist government in China, but it’s really so much more! Chinese culture assigns strong symbolic meanings to colors (you can read a little more about it here) and red is a particularly powerful one. It is the color of prosperity, joy, and happiness. And, boy, did some of these dresses make us happy!


Zendaya wore custom Fausto Puglisi

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in the know with… the most eligible folks in town!

So, as you may have heard, we had a ball at Austin Monthly’s Bachelor Issue Party and Auction last week! What we didn’t have a chance to tell you is that we caught up with a few fabulous party goers and some of the bachelors to quiz them on their own dating experiences.

So let’s get all #flashbackfriday on this and see what they had to say about dating in Austin!


Jade and Nicole

Favorite bachelor:

Jade: That’s an easy one– the last one for sure. Jonathan.

Nicole: Yes- they saved the best for last.

Best date:

J: I’ve had some really good dates lately… I would probably say it started at CU 29, so you know Copper, then went to the Hideout Theatre after for the improv show and then just ended up on West [Sixth Street] after that.

N: Oh god… actually, as cheesy as this sounds: he took me and my dog up to Barton Springs. I’m obsessed with my dog so that was really sweet.

Worst date:

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Austin Monthly’s 9th Annual Bachelor Issue Release Party & Charity Auction

On August 7 we attended Austin Monthly‘s 9th Annual Bachelor Release Party and Charity Auction and socialized with some of this year’s most eligible bachelors, including a break-dancing city council candidate, a philanthropic bartender whose love for performing Shakespearean plays proved useful for rousing bidders, and an ambitious chef with a passion for music. Although guests bid on a selection of 10 amazing date packages and not the bachelors themselves, we had a great time sharing in the collective swoon as each charismatic gentleman serenaded the crowd with songs, dance moves, and, at times, seductively delivered summaries of his curated date: ACL and Fun Fun Fest anyone?

Bachelor John King

Bachelor John King

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