Anti-Frizz Your Hair Like a Pro

anti-frizzyour hairlike a pro
I recently started working at Luxe Apothetique, but immediately got hooked on the amazing hair products the store carries. Since my hair is long (and I got no plans for cutting it any time soon), taking good care of it is always super important for me. Last week for the first time I tried the Anti-Frizz line from Kerastase and I was amazed by the results.

My hair is thick, naturally wavy and tends to get very frizzy if I don’t use the right products. I find Texas to be pretty humid, which makes the frizziness even worse than what I ever had to deal with. So I asked for some help from our Beauty expert at our downtown location and Mina suggested to try out the following products:
3. Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Heat/UV Protective Primer spray
Honestly they worked like magic for me. After the hair wash I blow dried my hair and it just looked so much straighter, smoother and less frizzy than how it would usually look. I was amazed at this point already.
The Bumble and bumble primer helped a lot to detangle my hair, and it also provided heat protection at the same time. 2 in 1. Love it! The next morning I used the primer spray again and styled, straightened my hair with a flat iron. To finish off the process I put a few drops of the Elixir Ultime oil on the dry ends.
These photos were taken 2 days after the hair wash, and as you can see, my hair completely kept the styling! It stayed shiny, bright and looked absolutely stunning despite the humid weather!
by Luxe Girl Reka Adrienn Vass 

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