#OOTD: Chase away the week-daze with Chaser


Some days just require a t-shirt and a comfy pair of jeans. I’m currently easing into the work week with this extremely soft and comfortable Pink Floyd Chaser tee. Since Chaser tees have made a comeback into the Luxe fam, we’ve all welcomed them with open arms. I think what makes Chaser tees stand out is their ability to give any outfit a casual sense of cool. The obvious choice to pair any t-shirt is a pair of jeans but with Chaser, anything goes.

Along with everybody’s favorite t-shirt being re-introduced to Luxe, the cutest on-trend keychains are back! Yup! The pom-pom keychains are here and there are even more colors to choose from. I honestly can’t fully pin-point why we all love them, I think it’s just one of those ‘things’ you just like because ‘why not’?


I think what makes trends ‘cool’ is the effortless feel of it all. So if you’re ever doubting if something looks good together or if you should get the brightly colored fluffy keychain just think, ‘why not’?


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